International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management
16-18 June, 2020, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Automobile Industry Forum

At present, in the situation of the downturn of the domestic automobile market, the discord between the automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers is not a new topic. Under the bad market conditions, many new and former contradictions have begun to emerge, and these contradictions have become the focus of many media reports. This forum will bring you a new perspective and more possibilities to solve these contradictions. Digitalization has brought subversive forces to various industries, which is obvious to all. In the era of "Internet plus", how to adjust the strategy and improve the efficiency of supply chain management and logistics service is the key to solve this contradiction.
In this forum, our guests will have a discussion on the central idea of "how to use the digital supply chain strategy to help enterprises maintain market competitiveness, improve revenue, profits and efficiency" and share their management experience.