International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management
16-18 June, 2020, Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Home living Forum

Home logistics has trillion market scale, long service chain, difficult operation and high logistics cost. With the rapid development of household e-commerce, household logistics is undergoing transformation and upgrading. It is developing towards standardization, customization, integration, intelligence, supply chain coordination and other directions, and has great development opportunities. In this context, the sponsors of LogiMAT China invited the Home Logistics Branch of China Warehousing and Distribution Association and the Asia-Pacific Logistics Magazine Logistics Technology and Application to co-host the China Home Logistics Forum in 2019 to discuss the upgrading and transformation solutions of the home logistics industry in the current context.

Participants: Home production enterprises (including furniture, household appliances, home decoration building materials, etc.), home stores, home e-commerce platform, logistics service providers, logistics information and technology equipment providers, logistics related associations, logistics consulting and planning companies, logistics professional colleges and universities, etc.

Time:April 15th, 2019 ,10:00 -12:00
Venue:Forum Area B, Hall N3, Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Topic:Home Logistics Branch of China Warehousing and Distribution Association—Home Sub-Forum 

Lecture theme

Restructuring Supply Chain System of Furniture Industry in the New Era
The Road of Intelligent Manufacturing in Furniture Enterprises and the Construction of "Future Factory"
Optimizing Supply Chain by Communicating Information Flow
Planning and Construction of Furniture Logistics Center and Its Technological Development Trend
Creating an Open and Cooperative Furniture Ecosystem
Cross-border Logistics Operation of Furniture in the Perspective of Globalization
How to Transform Home Manufacturing Enterprises into Service-oriented Enterprises

Guest lineup

Mr. Jixiang Wang , Logistics Expert of Ministry of Commerce and Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association
Mr. Shixiang Yu, Vice President of China Warehousing and Distribution Association
Mr. Sujian Li, Editor-in-Chief of Logistics Technology and Application Magazine and Professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology
Mr. Zhang Xian, Vice President of Hongxing Mei Kailong Home Group Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhen Jia , Vice President of Red Star Macalline Group Operating Center and Vice President of Shanghai So Home Furnishing Services Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yue Wu, Logistics Director of OPPEIN Home Group Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hongjin Zhuang, General Manager of Sofia's Home Ningji Intelligence.
Mr. Bin Du, Chairman of Guangdong Shunli Intelligent Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhiyong Huang, Procurement Director of Guangzhou HoLike Creative Home Co., Ltd.
Ms. Wang Ling, Customer Service Director of Langfang ARIS Furniture Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yazhuo Tang, Shenzhen Songbao Kingdom Home Co., Ltd.
Mr. Guodong Zhou, General Manager of Foshan Lingjing Business and Trade Co., Ltd.
Mr. Liang Zhou, Logistics Director of Kuka Home Co., Ltd.
Mr. Guangming Zhou, Logistics Director of Markor International Furniture (Tianjin) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.




China Warehousing and Distribution Association was established in 1997. It is a national non-profit industrial organization with the legal personality of a social group, which is voluntarily composed of units engaged in warehousing (logistics, storage and transportation, the same hereinafter) in operation, management, scientific research and teaching, social organizations and units and individuals related to the warehousing industry. In 1998, he joined the International Federation of Warehousing and Logistics Associations.


The magazine Logistics Technology and Application, which was first published by China Warehousing Association in 1996, is one of the earliest publications in China to report on the technology and application of logistics system. The purpose of the magazine is to "let the world logistics know China and let China logistics go to the world", and to promote the popularization and application of advanced logistics technology and equipment as its own duty. It is publicly issued at home and abroad, and its readers are all over the world.